Authentic Middle Eastern dance (bellydance) has been practiced for centuries as a celebration of real women.

You aren't too old or young, too fat or skinny. You are perfect for this dance!

Celebrate your own inner dancer and let her take you on this exciting journey!

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Troupe Sarrab
About The Troupe
Established by Yasmine Al'Abbasi in 1990, Sarrab has been providing rich, diverse, cultural performances throughout Springfield, Missouri, and the Midwest at venues too numerous to completely detail.

The troupe consists of everyday women from bankers and university students, laborers and homemakers, and everything in between.

Troupe Sarrab performs at a variety of civic events, both locally and across the region, including Artsfest, Cider Days, Multi-Cultural Festival, and the International Students Banquet, just to name a few.

Yasmine takes great pride in providing an avenue to educate the community on authentic middle-eastern dance and for maintaining a professional troupe that organizers can depend on to deliver quality, family entertainment.

Yasmine Al'Abbasi
About Yasmine Yasmine
Yasmine started her journey with Middle Eastern dance in January 1978. She began with Shirna Dance Studio, studying with Peggy King, Shirley Heatherly and Donna Snape (Jasara).

Over the years, she discovered her love for the Egyptian style, which she has been developing for over 30 years. Her visits to the Middle East has helped with her unique understanding of the people, culture and dance.

Yasmine is dedicated to maintaining the quality of the dance and presenting it as an art form.